Description: Focus a reteach lesson on proficient students using Webb’s DOK to provide additional content at the top level(s). Focusing on “moving the top” creates opportunities for all students to perform.

  Grade levels: K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

  Shared by: Timothy Kretchman

  More helpful details: Move the Top strategy is designed to advance the skillset of all students by adding content at the highest levels of achievement. Begin by selecting a skillset with data indicating marginal achievement of typically advanced students. Considering Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, plan a lesson to revisit this concept by adding more advanced content in strategic and extended thinking domains. Consider all aspects of the lesson, including classroom questions, activities, and assignments. Begin the lesson by providing explicit instruction focused on the skills and concepts to be advanced (review). Focus this portion of the lesson as an opportunity to reteach these skills for students whose data indicates a need for review. As the lesson advances, engage advanced students with higher-order questions. Differentiate assignments based on data indicating a student’s level of performance.

  Grouping: Whole Class

  Resources: Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge to Increase Rigor – Geral Aungst – Edutopia –
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  Additional Files: Understanding Webbs DOK

Hess’ Cognitive Rigor Matrix – DOK for ELA

PDE DOK Levels for PSSA and Keystone Mathematics: