Dedicated, Action-Driven Educators

Action Driven Education was created to offer teachers, schools, and districts the expertise, resources, and supports necessary to ensure the highest quality education for all students.

Our Vision

As teachers and administrators, we understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenges we face. However, we believe that education needs innovation and easy-to-use tools that hold the capacity to transform our daily practices without draining our time. We believe that action is best spent on front-end solutions and guided by results.

Our Mission

Our goal at Action Driven Education is to make educators lives easier by helping them save time as they work to design individualized inclusive learning environments for their students. At the end of the day, we got into this field to increase children’s academic achievement and improve their vocational skills. Let’s make this happen together.

Tim is a huge asset to any team. His background as an educator and administrator allows him to clearly understand the complexities and importance of individualization, collaboration, professional development, and supporting all students. He is sensitive to school and teacher perspectives while also working to improve student achievement through family involvement and bringing clarity to the complicated world of special education.

Abby F.
Special Education Advocate/Teacher

Meet Our Action-Driven Team

Timothy Kretchman

Timothy Kretchman

Founder, Instructional Strategist

As a result of over 24 years of experience as a Special Education teacher, K-12 Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, and Director of Special Education, Tim believes that meaningful change in education comes only through action! Action Driven Education was born out of need, in an ever-changing and evolving world of education, to give teachers the simple yet effective tools they need to find success for their students and themselves.

April Kretchman

April Kretchman

Teacher, Sales & Marketing

Coming into education after many years in marketing and advertising, April brings a different perspective to the world of education. With 16 years of experience as a middle and high school math teacher, as well as 6 different certifications, April recognizes the need in the world of high stakes education for something innovative to reach each child while acknowledging the changing environment for education professionals.

Emily Parisi

Emily Parisi

Occupational Therapist

As an occupational therapist with over 10 years of experience, Emily has worked across multiple settings and age populations. During her time as a school-based therapist, Emily recognized the need for Action Driven Educations’ Accomods, helping each and every unique student succeed to their fullest potential! Emily brings a unique perspective to the Action Driven Education team.

Our Action-Driven Community

Thousands of Teachers, Schools, Parents… and Counting

We partner with forward-thinking, action-driven individuals, schools, and districts who believe, like we do, in the unlimited capacity of all children.

Our most valuable teammates are the thousands of teachers, administrators, and parents who are working daily to empower an effective education for all children. These change-makers provide us with feedback, insight, and the new ideas that we curate into Accomods® and our professional development experiences. We are eternally grateful to everyone in our Action-Driven Community! 

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