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Action-Driven Professional Development

Courses Currently Offered

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Action Driven Education's professional development provides teachers with specific actions they can do to improve student achievement!  Action Driven Education is currently offering the following professional development activities.

Don't see what you're looking for below?  Please contact us if you have an idea for a session you'd like to offer your staff!  We can custom design sessions as well.

Tools for Effective Inclusion

Like all jobs, there are tools that teachers must be able to use in order to be successful. In our asynchronous Tools for Effective Inclusion course we explore what it takes to make inclusion work for every child!  Learn more here and get started today!

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Meet Student Needs Through Two Tiers
Eliminating ableism and reaching high student achievement for children with disabilities rests in a teacher’s ability to develop and implement individualized specially designed instruction. Teachers know that the IEP process develops goals and specially designed instruction to meet the student’s needs.  However, are they developed together to truly address the student’s academic and behavioral needs?  In this professional development, teachers learn to write measurable goals/objectives that turn needs into strengths while concurrently developing appropriate accommodations and modifications to help students learn past their needs in all classes.  It is a powerful way to address student needs!

Read our Inclusion, Specially Designed, to Support Students Around Their Needs blog article to further explore this concept.

Developing an Inclusive Mindset
Our mindset is everything! This certainly holds true for our impressions and experiences related to the effectiveness of inclusion for students with disabilities. Is your staff unintentionally creating an environment of ableism in your school?  Ableism quickly reduces the high achievement expectations of children with disabilities while teachers and support staff are often unaware that it is happening.  By educating your staff and eliminating ableism you’ll restore high expectations for all students and ensure that each learner reaches their fullest potential.

Adaptations to Meet Students' Needs
Poorly selected accommodations and modifications can have devastating effects on a child’s education.  This professional development study focuses on the process of developing and selecting appropriate accommodations and modifications that meet a student’s needs in order to support their successful inclusion in the least restrictive environment.  Teachers discover that developing appropriately individualized specially designed instruction hinges closely upon a clear understanding of the student’s strengths and needs.

Power of Possibilities-Action Driven Education’s PoP Process
Accomods™ is developed to be rich with examples of potential accommodations and modifications teams may use to support students with special needs.  However, given the individualized nature of educating students with special needs, it is impossible to provide the perfect accommodations and modifications for all students and every situation.  The power of Accomods™ comes when your staff understands how to use the suggested accommodations and modifications as examples to develop their own ideas!  Power of Possibilities (PoP) focuses on how examples make us think strategically, enabling teachers to develop the perfect accommodation or modification for each student. By providing appropriate supports, IEP teams can unlock each student’s world of possibilities.  Provide your staff with professional development that unlocks the Power of Possibilities for your students!

Consider how the Accomods™ process aligns with Webbs Depth of Knowledge by downloading the Accomods™ Examples Empower Strategic Thinking document.

Importance of Confidence and Trust (C+T=R)
Action Driven teachers recognize that their actions have the ability to impact the future for every child.  C + T = R guides teachers in an exploration of how student confidence and trust impact their willingness to take academic risks, discover what happens when a student isn’t willing to take a risk, and how Accomods™ changes this equation.

Read our “If It’s In the Dirt, Go!” – The Importance of Confidence and Trust blog article to further explore this concept.

Engaging General Education Teachers
The law directs the involvement of general education teachers in a child’s IEP as well as seeks their input with evaluations.  However, why does it seem like it is all just a waste of their time?  Action Driven Education’s Accomods™ empowers them to become involved!  Professional development for your general education teachers focused on selecting and implementing appropriate accommodations and modifications will get all members of your team involved in meaningful ways.

Read our “Whose Job Is It?” – Engaging All Members of the IEP Team blog article to further explore this concept.

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