First-of-its-kind app that ensures seamless collaboration and communication across IEP teams
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Stop researching. Start teaching.

“What are we going to do with {insert student name here}?”

Sound familiar? Too often, frustrated educators at the end of their rope refer students to special education services prematurely before implementing sufficient adaptations – a scenario further magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, what if educators could pull out their phones and, in a matter of four minutes, access a curated list of personalized adaptations for each student? 

It’s possible with our interactive and user-friendly web app, Accomods!

“Just-Right” Adaptations for Every Student

Accomods provides individualized adaptations that make class, instruction, and assessments accessible by being:

    • Aligned to a child’s need
    • Empowered by the child’s strength(s)
    • Matched to the child’s degree of need displayed in a specific learning environment

The Accomods web app includes:

    • An interactive and user-friendly interface
    • Hundreds of accommodations and modifications
    • Detailed descriptions of adaptations used to support a student around a learning or behavioral need, categorized by needs and aligned to student strengths
    • Continued support, from selection through implementation

User-friendly, time saving features

Unclog MTSS and RTI Systems

Accomods efficiently engages IEP teams in critical thinking activities to analyze and design appropriate inclusive learning environments for all students. By providing access to hundreds of detailed accommodations and modifications, teachers are empowered to develop and implement the individualized support necessary to meet the special needs of learners from pre-referral through those identified with special needs.

Accomods is a fantastic tool for so many things, including helping students remove obstacles in their learning, creating appropriate SDA’s in IEP’s, growing a strong MTSS program, and strengthening classroom management.

Dr. Heather B.
Principal and Director of Special Education

Accomods Pricing

District/Schoolwide Subscription

Share a few details and get an instant district or schoolwide estimate.  Accomods® works best if all teachers in a school use it.

Single-User Subscription

Purchase a single-user subscription for $39.95 a year and gain access to our entire Accomods® system!

I really appreciate finding Accomods. Teacher input into the IEP process is more meaningful and efficient. My general education colleagues are able to find solutions for helping their students, and we’ve improved our 504 plans as well! Using the process of building a plan helps me and my colleagues consider the whole student and we find much more meaningful solutions. Teachers walk away knowing exactly what to do in their own classroom.

Shelley N.
Special Education Teacher