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How Accomods™ Works

Empower a child around their special needs

Accomods™ by Action Driven Education engages IEP teams in critical thinking activities to analyze and design appropriate inclusive learning environments for all children.  By providing access to hundreds of detailed accommodations and modifications, IEP teams are empowered to develop and implement the individualized support necessary to meet the needs of each learner.

Accomods Logo: Specially Designed Instruction Made Simple
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What is Accomods™?

[ak-ko-mods]  noun

1. a system that includes hundreds of accommodations and modifications.

2. detailed descriptions of accommodations and modifications used to support a student past a learning or behavioral need.
    a. categorized by needs.
    b. aligned to student strengths.
    c. interactive and efficient.
    d. support from selection through implementation.

3. empowers teachers and parents to develop and implement individualized instructional and behavioral supports for students with special needs.

4. a companion for teachers of students with special needs.

Take the Accomods™ product tour

Check out this short video and discover how Accomods™ efficiently guides general and special education teachers to develop and implement effective inclusive learning environments for students with special needs.

Stop researching.  Start teaching.

User-friendly software that works with you, so you have time to work with your students.  The typical Accomods™ user spends less than four minutes to search hundreds of potential supports before finding an idea they found useful.  Sharing the resulting implementation plan with a child's parent or colleague is even easier!

User friendly, time saving features

Intuitive dashboard and user experience

Use simple checkboxes to align plans to student strengths

Address student learning and behavioral needs

Details to support general education teachers and parents

Algorithms that generate a customized list of potential accommodations and modifications

Detailed descriptions support the user from selection through implementation

Exportable cart to gather and share selected accommodations and modifications

Use browser to quickly find accommodations aligned to a specific student need

Keyword search 100's of accommodations and modifications

Share a custom implementation report by downloading or emailing your team

Hundreds of detailed accommodations and modifications

See the list of student needs we currently address, how we organize Accomods™, and the number of accommodations and modifications currently included in the system!

Simple, affordable pricing


Share a few details and get a district/schoolwide estimate now.  Accomods™ works best if all teachers in a school use it.


Purchase a single-user subscription for $39.95 a year and gain access to our entire Accomods™ system!