Description: Making use of the variety of abilities within my classroom at each given moment can help increase efficiency and effectiveness for my students. Students assisting each other and being comfortable learning from each other is a powerful environment. Due to my short amount of time with my students, this can be an extremely powerful tool

  Grade levels: K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

  Shared by: Nate Shilcosky

  More helpful details: Using my high flyers, I allow them to work on an advanced skill rehearsal while also having them be an additional teacher to assist the struggling students. Also, the students know they can approach their table mates with questions and receive help. This alleviates wasted time,as they might be waiting on me to get to their table and with a short time of class,this allows for them to possibly move past the hurdle and accomplish more in our time together.

  Grouping: Whole Class, Small Group, Individual


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