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frustrated student

Behavioral Manifestations: Getting to the Why of Student Defiance

“Get to work Sophie,” Mr. Clarke says as he circulates his classroom, noticing that Sophie once again has her head on the desk. “No,” Sophie ...
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paper checklist

Proving the Effectiveness of Adaptations

Rosie is a departmentalized fifth-grade science teacher who has built her classroom around hands-on learning opportunities for her students. Because she believes so strongly in ...
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Classroom of students

Support for All, Few, or One

  Two fifth-grade teachers, Zach and Jessica, had just dropped their students off at lunch and were walking down the hall. With a frustrated look, ...
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Teacher working with three children. Teacher and students are smiling.

Two Simple Tiers – One Result: Student Achievement!

Danny is your typical 12-year-old who loves fishing and dreams of owning a fly-tying business. However, Danny is not doing well in school and fights ...
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Teacher working with students

Snowflakes, Children, Classrooms: Every One is Different

As you walk into Ms. Jackson’s class, her pronounced teaching style hits you almost immediately. Her classroom is beautiful, and with something unique covering nearly ...
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Teacher and student with mask

Overcoming the COVID Slide: A Two-Tiered Strategy for Success

As education begins to look past the challenges COVID has brought, schools find themselves needing to develop solutions to problems never seen on the scale ...
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Good for one is not good for everyone

The Root of Discrimination

Action Driven Education stands to empower children with disabilities. We believe that the vehicle to this empowerment comes through a diversity of educational opportunities and ...
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Definition of Accomod: A detailed accommodation or modification used to support a student past a need.

Sample Accommodation: Use word-for-word sentence fill-ins

General Education teachers, special education teachers, and parents of children with special needs work tirelessly to develop methods that meet their students’ needs in the ...
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Successful inclusion written on chalkboard

Individualized Instruction: Planning Through Implementation

Teachers of students with special needs spend a tremendous amount of time planning for the education they provide to their students. General and special education ...
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Teacher giving student a token

“I’ll Get A-Round Tu-It!” – The Power of Reminders

I’m one of those busy guys who likes always being involved in something…everything…all the time!  My drive to be busy is complicated by the fact ...
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IEP team working together

“Whose Job Is It?” – Engaging All Members of the IEP Team

Mrs. Williams shuffled into the office in an obvious state of frustration.  As a special education teacher, her “to-do” list was a mile long and ...
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IEP Planning

Inclusion, Specially Designed, to Support Students Around Their Needs

The function of an IEP is to determine and outline how a child with a disability’s education will differ from that of their non-exceptional peers ...
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