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Make Inclusion Work


Maximize the potential of all students

Accomods® is an interactive, user-friendly web-app that guides the development of appropriate inclusive learning environments for students with special needs.  By aligning students' strengths and learning needs to hundreds of detailed accommodations and modifications, Accomods® efficiently engages IEP teams in critical thinking to develop and implement appropriate supports that meet learners' needs.

Save time while creating truly individualized IEPs and pre-referral plans.

Teacher working with successful student

Enhance Collaboration
Empower general and special education teachers with solutions and engage pre-referral and IEP teams in critical thinking.

Stimulate New Ideas
Do your IEPs overly rely on the same strategies?  Accomods® helps teams find and implement new solutions.

Save Time
Interactive and simple to use, Accomods® quickly guides teachers and teams to relevant solutions.  Develop a full implementation report in minutes.

Leverage Student Strengths
Select areas where your student excels.  Accomods® organizes accommodations that align with both strengths and needs.

Achieve Better Student Outcomes
Better collaboration, new ideas, individualized instruction, and strengths leveraged to needs = fewer referrals and increased student achievement.

Action Driven Education - built by teachers for teachers!

What people are saying

"I really appreciate finding Accomods®. This program makes accommodations simpler and more understandable for everyone. Teacher input into the IEP process is more meaningful and efficient. My general education colleagues are able to find solutions for helping their students, and we've improved our 504 plans as well! Using the process of building a plan helps me and my colleagues consider the whole student and we find much more meaningful solutions. Teachers walk away knowing exactly what to do in their own classroom." - SHELLY N. - SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER

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