Description: Start each day with a warm-up tailored to rehearse and master content an individual learner or small group of learners’ data indicates as an area of need. Different activities should be planned based on data-indicated skills.

  Grade levels: K-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

  Shared by: Timothy Kretchman

  More helpful details: Using data, select skills the learner has yet to master or needs to advance to achieve mastery. Mastery may be different based on the learner. Circulate the room providing guided and supportive feedback to all learners. Content of this warm-up could include data-indicated prerequisite skills for the day, ongoing skill rehearsal to keep content fresh in the child’s mind, or other skills data indicates needs revisited or advanced. Content should be focused on a <5-minute skill rehearsal. Teachers may consider various ways to indicate which warm-up a child should complete from directed (student is told) to student selected.

  Grouping: Small Group, Individual

  Resources: An Easy Warm Up Routine to Set the Tone for Class By Jason Deehan – Edutopia -

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