Action-Driven PD for Members

Thanks to the support of cutting-edge schools and teachers like you, Action Driven Education is continuing to grow. Here you will find professional development options designed specifically for Accomods users. As always, thank you for everything you do to empower an effective education for all children!

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Learn to Use Accomods

The video below walks you through how to use Accomods’ Builder, Browser, and Search features as well as how to share a plan and edit your profile! Take a few minutes and learn to use Accomods!

Explore the Accommodations Template

The video below explains the elements of the Accommodations Template used in Accomods. In four minutes you’ll discover how the template helps to guide IEP team members from selection through the implementation of individualized support for children with special needs.

Explore the Four Categories of Accommodations

The video below explains the four categories Accomods uses to organize accommodations and modifications. In this short, six-minute video, you’ll discover the importance of attending to all areas of instruction including behavior, curriculum, learning, and assessing.

Discover the Tools for Effective Inclusion

The video below presents a unique way of looking at accommodations and modifications. It helps to make the concept more concrete. Be sure to share this idea with your colleagues as well!

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Explore the Through-and-Around Process

The video below presents Action Driven Education’s unique Through-and-Around Process. The Through-and-Around Process is designed to help all IEP members, especially general education teachers, parents, and the child, understand the two-tiered approach to special education.

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To learn more about Action Driven Education’s Through-and-Around Process please schedule a professional development consultation today!